Thursday, August 31, 2017


I'm blogging after eons today. I used to blog earlier as a vent to my feelings. Then i started blogging for brands and marketing. Somewhere in that process, I lost the purpose of my blog. It used to be something like an open diary. And then it just became a pile of words and images. soaking myself through the rain that almost drowned mumbai somehow reminded me of what i used to blog for and i decided to give it another shot.

Rains have that effect on me. Super torrential rains especially. I love getting soaked in the rain. This time around, when mumbai shut down in the flood, i was happily walking through the flood, to pick up my stranded girlfriend. I ate vadapavs on the way from the bustling little gaadis that had become beacons of warmth and solace for people struggling through the waist high waters just beyond the bridge. I clicked pictures of whatever caught my fancy when i could manage. And i stopped on bus stops to check and process them.

Copyright Pushkaraj S Shirke

I found myself smiling at random strangers. A few smiled back. The few that enjoyed the rains like i do maybe. Walking by ganpati pandals i found myself shouting "ganpati bappa!!" to which i was treated to a grand chorus of "moryaaa!" by the people around the mandap. BTW, thats the soulcry of mumbai right there. If you ever want to rev up a crowd in mumbai, those are the secret words to chant.

I missed my waterproof earphones this time around. But maybe thats good, coz once i have music on, i can find myself trekking for miles without realising it. Much like the nights where i have trekked over 8-9 kms through the city just because there was good music in my ears and the enchanting sights of life that the city throws back at me from time to time.
After picking up my girlfriend i ended up crashing at my best-friends house - which reminds me of the family i have created for myself. We are always there for each other - even though there are no blood bonds between us. and thats precious. How many people ever get the chance to build their own families? I see myself as lucky to have been able to get that opportunity and such people in life.

This downpour that almost drowned mumbai brought back to life so much of me. So much of what i had almost forgotten about myself. So many of the things i love to do.

The rain is no more. the streets are dry again and so am i. But I guess, i'm going to soak in those realizations for a bit longer. There's not hurry.
And maybe, i will be blogging for myself again.

 - Pushkaraj S Shirke

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