Tuesday, February 24, 2015

OSCARS 2015: Worthy or Not? Winners, Predictions, Analysis and Review by Film Pickle

An unpaid, independant Film Review channel called FILM PICKLE run by Me, Pushkaraj S Shirke and Rohon Nag had given out ‪#‎oscars2015‬ predictions and analysis that was 95% accurate. Way ahead of any of the paid mongrels(read pseudo journalists) who have gotten so used to taking money for reviews that the fuckers have lost perspective of what cinema is all about. So the post Oscar moment was a howlarious Fuck you to them. Also, it was a big Fuck you to production houses that banned some of our honest reviews and got them taken off youtube. Also a great fuck you moment to all of those haters who say that FILM PICKLE should stop reviewing movies because we blatantly give honest reviews about the directors whose ass these morons have been licking profusely to get into the industry. This moment was in their face.

Coming back to point, we decided to do a retrospective and analysis of the oscar awardees and also discuss the GREAT BLUNDER or OSCARS2015 - Yes, the worst decision in OSCARS since Shawshank was refused an Oscar.

Do watch it not only for the analysis but also to know which are the movies that you must watch and why:

We were wrong on 3 calls:

This we just couldn't see coming. this has got to be the worst call in oscar history after denying shawshank the oscar for best movie. Its a good movie, but there's just no way this movies beats PRINCESS KAGUYA AND HTTYD2! ever! 

We were expecting Interstellar, but WHIPLASH was very much in consideration for the fact that not a single note was ever out of sync, not a single location sound was ever out of place and the overall audio vibe of the movie was extremely tight and well maintained. so fair call there.

We were expecting INTERSTELLAR but had considered American sniper for having maintained an extremely organic sound throughoput the film. so thats fair. 

Our sheer LOVE for the sound of Interstellar, Nolan and Hans Zimmer blinded us to these others. So I guess its a fair call there. This had happened last time too when i was in Love with Inception. I guess next time there's a nolan movie, i should remind myself to keep my emotions in check before making predictions on his films or atleast cross check them with a non NOLAN worshipper.

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Pushkaraj S Shirke

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  1. Last year's Award function was awesome. Whats about this year's function. Well we see on January 28, 2016.

    >> Oscars 2016 Live


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