Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Straight Talk: Ep 1 - AIB Roast: To Roast or Not to Roast

Turning my highly opinionated blog into a video blog, I decided to do it as a show called STRAIGHT TALK - with me talking impromptu and as I feel right about issues that bother me. The first issue that caught my attention in recent times is the whole hoopla about the AIB roast. With politicians, censor boards and moral police idiots coming into the scene, i was intrigued enough to voice my reaction to the whole event. And so here's the first episode of STRAIGHT TALK - To Roast or Not to Roast.

PS: I support the Roast, so Sc*** you censor boards that approve of a religiously misleading movie like M#@ but censor an honest, consensual, filthy humored roast AND F@$K you moral police that have lesser genuine indianness than an indian stray dog(pariah).

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

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