Saturday, May 3, 2014

Breaking Bad: Review and Tribute

Rating: 9/10
The only point deducted is for stretching it a bit far and taking too large a break between the final season segment 1 and 2.


Story: The story is on the canvas of the life of an over qualified yet simple high school chemistry teacher who is forced by circumstances to explore meth drug manufacturing and dealing. BUT it is actually an intense psychologically profound drama of human life, power, desire, greed, eventuality and fate. It follows two men of dire circumstances and how they ride their way through them with its ups and downs - complete with little joys and heart wrenching betrayals, love and murder, charity and greed and the complete unpredictabilty of life against the power of human will.

Characters: The characters are dickens like - very stark and intense. Good is good and bad is bad, yet with a human side. The casting is mind blowingly perfcet. Infact it is so good that not once does any character not convince you. Its like watching a real documentary of real lives. It is no wonder that one of the characters has already been picked for a spin off - 'better call saul'.

Cinematography: The scenes in the movie are a case study in macro and timelapse photography. This is one series that does justice to the fact that good cinematographers work on TV too - and not just for film. Every frame tells a story, every scene is a setting. you could literally freeze frame any scene and make a poster out of it.

Music: Even when the well written dialogues are missing, the sound is never lacking in storytelling or emotional grabbing. This soundtrack is worth a download and definitely ideal to be set as a writers mood music setting. Its intense, emotional and perfectly picked.

You know something in popular culture has had a far reachin effect when it inspires artists to work for it for free.
Just check out the number of posters and fan arts created for the series, and you'll know what im talking about.

No more words needed. my second favourite tv series of all time has been done justice in this tribute:

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

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