Monday, May 12, 2014

Do You Have a TYPE that you fall for?

Its 'romantic' to fall in love with an absolute stranger. Someone totally different from what you imagined you'd like. But as a random discussion last evening drove me to consider is that we all have a type.
And even if i initially thought it is not so, i found evidence to prove otherwise.

I tried to find out 10 things that the people i have been in love with had in common - and i actually could.
So it does define a 'type' if all of those people had these qualities. that's too bizzare to be just 'coincidence'.
Here are the 10 things all the women i have ever been in love with had in common:

1. writes poetry.
2. is kind towards animals.
3. loves movies.
4. prefers a rustic life to the urban life.
5. is as comfortable at a roadside chai tapri as at a 5 star cafe.
6. draws, paints and colors - even if it is just doodles.
7. is genetically gifted with a beautiful body.
8. sings. with an earthy voice.
9. loves travel.
10. has an innate sense of calm even in chaos.

So the next time i see these 10 things in a woman, i should know better and keep my distance. or maybe not. who knows.
Well, atleast i'd know how predictable i am about to be if i start falling for her.

If you read this, consider yourself tagged and write down the 10 things all the people you've loved have had in common.

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

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