Friday, May 9, 2014

V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta' the graphic novel is a piece of literature that goes way beyond its medium and into the very fabric of human life. Which is why no matter what country or time you are in, it will speak volumes of sense to you. Based in dictatorial France, the story is about a revolutionary who single handedly takes on the government whilst inspiring the people to stand up against the injustice. 

The movie was a masterpiece and truly complimented the graphic novel. The direction, performances and music really touched the essence of the story. Even the cinematic techniques used very well echoed the time and location of the story without making it subject only to that era. It's a movie everyone must watch. 

Some, may not like it immediately. But trust me, give it time, and it will grow onto you. 

Monkeyrating: 8/10 

My fav dialogue:
 "ideas are bulletproof" 

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