Friday, May 9, 2014

The Truth About 'Love'

Growing up blasted by commercialism infested cinema and media that thrive on the concept of 'making each person feel special' - you grow up in a universe where only a stereotypical concept of romance is celebrated. Since that allows for most amount of 'specialness' to be put into the script.
And given that most people will never bother to look out of the bubble or to think for themselves, the stereotype made for selling stuff, becomes the norm.
Is that how love actually is?
Have you ever questioned whether it is love or just genital slavery?
Or is it just a certificate from your guilty conscience to appease your inner needs?
Or is it just a reenactment of your fantasised concept of 'love'?
Are you really in love the way you think or are you just recreating an idealised concept? 
Are you in love with the concept of love rather than in love with a person?
Why do we find people feeling that all other loves were not 'real' love once they find someone they get serious about again or get married to - Even if it happens in a period of 3 months or less from the previous relationship? 

To open your mind to some concepts of love that exist in the real world - beyond the stereotypical view of commercialist cinema, this is a brilliant illustration. 

My current book titled 'stray' also deals with the same topic and above mentioned questions. But as usual, Indian publishers find it too 'risqué' to publish in India. And that is one of the reasons why such concepts never reach the people. They just remain as ideas in the minds of people who happen to have glanced at life beyond the bubble.

I myself, btw, am polyamorous. And it too a long long journey full of stumbles to stop lying to myself, get over my fears of loneliness and to learn that for myself. 

-Pushkaraj S Shirke 

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