Sunday, May 18, 2014

Godzilla (2014)

Monkeyrating: 5/10 

Waddabout: Godzilla takes on 2 mega insects and saves the world for imminent destruction. 

I say: 
Im a hardcore Godzilla fan but this movie totally disappointed me. i actually gave it a 4/10 - but I added one point for the cg, the character design and vfx. Which are worth admiration. Actually they are the only things worth real admiration in the movie. The movie has no story whatsoever. It has the most school level dialogues possible. And it seriously lacks any sense of emotion evoking action except for maybe at 2 points in the movie. 
The reason it even scores 4 points is for 4 reasons:
1.It's true to the original Godzilla franchise. 
2. The Godzilla Is the hero kaiju and is very humanesque. 
3. Bryan Cranston and ken watanabe make the movie tolerable with their acting. 
4. The larger than life feel is very dominant. The scale is indeed epic. 

Note to director: 
When you make a remake - don't just re make the original. Take it's essence and place it in a modern time or make it relevant to the era you place it in. That's a good fucking remake. 
You got all the emotions and actions right, but hey, remember that a movie still needs a fuckin good story. 

The movie is Definitely not worth the price of a premium movie ticket. Watch it over a matinee to kill some time maybe. 

My review of Godzilla on film pickle: 

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