Sunday, May 18, 2014

Let Me In

Monkeyrating: 8/10 

Genre: horror. romance. thriller. 

As a guy who gets bored of horror movies, this is one truly genre redefining film that is a landmark in filmmaking. An intelligent horror film on the brilliantly scripted lines of 1408 and conjuring. 

Waddaabout: a shy, bullied boy finds himself growing into a relationship with a new neighbour who keeps moving towns with a man who appears to be her father. An uncertain romance ensues that opens up a trail of bloodlust into his life.

I say: amazing story. Brilliant direction. Amazingggg performances. Brilliant sound and music. Totally blew away my mind unexpectedly! 
 I love the way the parasitic romance of a vampire is explored with human senses in the movie. 

The sacrificial nature of love and the nature of habit balanced in a story that's supposed to scare you - but ends up making you feel the characters and their flurry of emotions. The little twists aided by the spectacular performances by all actors keep you gripped to the seat all throughout. 

When 100 twilights are made, one such movie rises and redeems the little respect that the vampire genre has. Truly magnificent. A must add to your DVD collection. 

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