Thursday, February 10, 2011

Banlieue 13

monkeyrating: 7/10

genre: Action

also known as: B13, District B13, District 13

famous for: being THE parkour film. this film brought parkour to the forefront with the sport's greatest ever athlete - David Belle, whop plays the lead. There weren't any special effects (wirework, computer graphics) used in 90% of the Parkour scenes - he performed the scenes himself!

waddabout: an undercover cop and a street-savvy local underatke an action-packed journey into a mob ruled district to defuse a neutron bomb, recover his sister and settle some scores.

i say: Watch it and feel your adrenaline soar! This movie leaves you spell bound!!!
it's got some of the best live action you'll see on screen from recent movies. No crappy wire stunts and unbelieveable crap - absolute REAL stuff. And all of it packaged in a script that keeps you intrested!

monkeyrespect to: LUC BESSON - you are God!!! Luc besson has never let me down. all his movies give me something to look forward to! always.
and David Belle, an athlete with good looks is rare. But an athlete with good looks and the capability to convincingly play a character is rarer! kudos to your awesomeness! For those who don't know, David Belle is the pioneer of thye sport of modern parkour (street running/free running)

one word review: KICKASSSSS!

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