Monday, February 21, 2011

Thank You For Smoking

monkeyrating: 8/10
genre: comedy / drama
waddabout: A crisp, stylistic satirical comedy that revolves around the life of Tobacco's chief spokesman, the charismatic and sharp Nick Naylor, who is eventually caught between spinning his 'truths' and being his 12 year old son's role model.
i say: flawless art direction and costumes, amazing editing, a pacy story and a brilliant concept gives you a film you can watch quite a few times. It also gives you an honest perspective of the ethics VS economics nature of the world, especially from the POV of the tobbaco and cigarettes industry. Watch it, with a smoker preferably! ;)
monkeyrespect to: Jason Rietman's direction and screenplay are brilliant! its like a movie made up of sliding pieces that just snap together one after the other.
Snap! Snap! Snap! there's not a single gap or glitch that leaves you waiting or wondering. or making an effort to read into things. Whatevers there, is there ion the platter. Slam!
Equal credits go to Dana Glauberman, without whose editing that very feel would be near impossible.

must watch segment: the opening credits sequence of this movie, on which names appear like cigarette packaging from the early days of cigarettes till the packaging today! innovative shit! love the art and typography - and the Music, on this one!
Check out the credits sequence:


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  1. I hv heard abt this movie... Suppose to be good... Gonna watch it soon and post my review :)


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