Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Portraits from Kashmir and HP

Jab Marley.18. A diehard Bob Marley fan. A daring river guide. and just one of the many himachali and nepali youths who make a living risking their lives in the draconian rapids of the himalayas. Travelling miles away from home every tourism season, they hope they'll return home alive with money and dreams for a better life. On the way, Charas/Grass is their internalised antidote to fear - their most affordable escape to a worry free life.

Didi. i don't know about buddism, but this sweet lady's smile definitely had the secret to peace. Maybe it is the attitude we share - "take nothing too seriously". So warm and happy was our interaction, i could never tell that she is a Tibetan refugee who faced miles of frost-bite threatening snow, years of shinese oppression and contained tons of courage to face them both. That's a smile, of courage.

The wrinkles of experience on his face needed no translations - even though they found words as he guied us through the history of himanchal pradesh. He is just one of the many senior citizens who continue working in the tough terrains of HP to continue earning a living. A living that has to be earned within the 6 months of peak tourism season that exists in the scenic state.

the temple lady at manali

a ladhaki lad


a rajasthani visitor to the dalai lama

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