Thursday, February 3, 2011

Road Trip

monkeyrating: 6/10
a crazy funny college adventure comedy that makes you want to hit the road with friends rite away! brainless laughs guaranteed!

Waddabout: Four friends drive 1800 miles of an adventure filled road to try and retrieve an erroneously mailed sex tape that's been mailed to the guy's girlfriend! hee ha ha ha ha

Genre: Comedy Adventure

I say: Todd Phillips (Director of THE HANGOVER masterpiece) has made his mark with juvenile, crazy, trippy, mad films. And road trip was almost the beginning of his journey. But the madness is apparent and inescapable. and his choice in music just adds to all the crazy, bizzare, almost typicall GUY fun ;)

Warning: boobies galore. keep kids away :P

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