Friday, February 18, 2011

Lord of War

monkeyrating: 9/10

genre: crime / drama

waddabout: Yuri Orlov(Nicolas Cage) tells his humorous, disturbing, morally twisted and tragic story of coming from nothing to becoming the greatest gun-runner in the world.

i say: the film is so extremely well made despite being a drama movie that i've watched it more than 50 times! amazing use of music, great story telling, intresting voice over by nic cage and a story that truly shows that its based on reality.

monkeyrespect to: Andrew Niccol has written it so well that direction purely flows from it. This is one movie where it shows what difference good writing can make to a movie.
and Nicholas Cage's acting and voice over is so cold, to the character and believeable that he sinks into your mind as Yuri Orlov. Brilliant characterization!

must watch segment: the opening credits sequence of this movie, which is a music video, is considered one of the greatest opening credits sequences ever! dont miss it!!!


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