Monday, February 14, 2011

Kill Bill

monkeyrating: 9/10

genre: Action Crime Thriller

also known as: The Bride

famous for: its mindblowing action sequences, its unique style of film-making thanks to Quentin Tarantino and being one of the greatest REVENGE flicks ever made!

waddabout: An ex assasin goes into coma and loses her unborn child after a failed attempt to kill her. On waking up she pursues a relentless quest of vengeance to kill them all - the members of the infamous deadly viper assasination squad, led by her lover and mentor - BILL.

i say: deeply philosophical, classy and meaningful even behind all the unbelieveably spellbinding action! Must watch for the not-so-weak-hearted!

monkeyrespect to: Quentin tarantino ofcourse! for the great direction, the brilliant choice of off-beat music and for making a revenge flick so damn classy and post-modernistic!

I actually used this film to explain POSTMODERN LITERATURE (this movie is an example of POSTMODERN FILM-MAKING) during my literature study years and scored!
Great respect to the JAPANESE GRAPHIC NOVEL - THE BRIDE on which the movie is based. As i always say: a great graphic novel is a good movie half made!for a change, im not putting up a trailer, but one of the best fight scenes from the movie instead - ENJOY:
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