Thursday, February 17, 2011

MTV - Sorry For The Interruption!

Mtv India has done majorly quirky stuff. some great, some good and some outright lame. But one series that always brings a smile to my face is this series of SORRY FOR THE INTERRUPTION. Loved its simplicity, converational humor.
it goes to show how just 2 good characters and a few words can make a fun film!
Especially love their 'middle class mentality' take on moral policing and how they deliver it through the character's ridiculous comments in perfectly indian 'MARATHI english'!

Check out the madness:


How music videos should be made:

Flavoured Condoms: this if for 'doing'!

Tooth Paste: this is for topside!

PS: i dunno if one of the reasons i find it so hilarious is coz my own second name is SHIRKE! afterall,  nothing's funnier than a joke about yourself ;) 
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