Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Andaaz Apna Apna

monkeyrating: 10/10

genre: Comedy

waddabout: Two idiotic conmen competing for the hand of a heiress and end up falling in love and into a messed up plot trying to save her from an eeeevvvvil criminal.

i say: your stomach will HURT with laughter! must must must watch!!!! the most awesome comedy to ever be made in the indian film industry!!! MUST WATCH! (ok that's enough i guess! phew!)

monkeyrespect to: Rajkumar Santoshi for having made this piece of epic awesomness! and to Amir Khan, who's as incredible as ever in the film
also to Shakti Kapoor - for the epic avataar of CRIMEMASTER GOGO...
and ofcourse PARESH RAWAL for his super incredible double role that leaves me in splits everytime i watch him!!!!
basically, monkeyrespect to everyone who's worked on and in this film - epic awesomeness is the word!

trivia note: this movie flopped! was a commercial box office washout. but yet is today the highest selling movie on DVD - even over sholay, which is considered by many as bollywood's greatest film. hah!

watch a hilarious scene from the film:

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