Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am Legend

monkeyrating: 7/10

Sci-Fi / Drama / Thriller

waddabout: the lone survivor of a city long destroyed by a plague that turns the living into zomboid creatures lives on in hope of finding other survivors and a cure/reversal to the plague.
i say: i hate zombie flicks. BUT this one is a masterpiece in the genre. It is intelligent, striking, touches an emotional chord, is realistic and has Will Smith! More of a true Sci-Fi movie than a scary Zombie flick. Definitely worth a watch!

monkeyrespect to: Will Smith, brings the loneliness of the lone survivor to life... In my opinion, better than what Tom Hanks did in cast away. Brilliant to the maxxxx! he serves you every emotion on a platter!
The Sound Design team on the movie deserves respect too - for the way they've played with every echo, every scream, every twang of chord snap to bring emotion into every scene. pretty awesome!

And of course - respect to Richard Matheson who wrote the book I AM LEGEND in 1954. The book was adapted to film twice before - The Last Man on Earth in 1964 and The Omega Man in 1971.
trivia note: Due to test audience's dislike of the film's original ending, several scenes were significantly altered before the film's release, especially the standoff between Neville and the infected in his laboratory. Personally, i prefer the original ending.
supporting short films to the movie: Actually, watch these animated comics - To add drama to the movie, the producers of I AM LEGEND made some animated comic movies based on other parts of the US and the World. Basically these animated comics showed the straggles, desperation and other experiences of other survivors.

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