Monday, March 14, 2011

I've been tagged - again! new quiz!

Chirag tagged me (coz i read his blog! damn!) so now i have to post this confessional note:

A) Five things in my room (hey! stop peeking!)
1. the most awesome movie station you've seen - with 750  movie dvds + a PS2 and PS2 dvds
2. a red guitar and lots of song notes
3. pets: my dog, yes my dinosaur like son sleeps in my house. and a KOALACOWtm.
4. nunchucks, knives, a bo-staff and skipping rope.
5. graffitti, paintings, advertising books and movie posters decorating the walls

B) Five things in my bag (if you opened it w/o my permission, you'd embarass urself!)
1. swiss knife and other 'protection' :-P
2. money
3. i-pod and THE blackberry
4. trackpants and a tee
5. drawing pad and lots of pens and pencils

C) Five things in my wallet (go ahead, put in some money)
1. money - though i'm open to further donations always
2. a blade
3. a pic of a mad creetur i love
4. atm cards - NO CREDIT CARDS. EVER.
5. a driving licence.

- Pushkaraj Shirke

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