Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Child Who never Grew Up

I wondered how I would make my advertising CV in the format I love the most - film.

At an interview, the first question asked to me was always 'so how did you end up in advertising?'.
So I decided to let a film answer that for me.

One lazy sunday afternoon, took a whiteboard, a sony handheld camera and a few things lying around the house and made this film. Asked my girlfriend to do the voiceover for me.
And hey presto!
this was the film that came out!

THE CHILD WHO NEVER GREW UP.The story of my struggle with dyslexia and issues with growing up leading to a career in advertising.
620 hand drawn frames. 6 hours of editing. a soundtrack from twilight. and an awesome girlfriend who agreed to VO it for me.
Won me a few good job offers and an award for short-film animation.
Watch it and let me know how you find it:

Did you relate to it in any way? any comments?

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