Monday, March 28, 2011

weekend photoshoot: episode 2

a fuh-nee, cow like pal with a rabbitty smile (aka Mukta Lad) + my Olympus DSLR + one table lamp = weekend photoshoot: episode 2

PS: i've never endured so much nagging just for a facebook profile photo!!! phewww!

and yes, this one here's my personal favourite of the lot:
(mu ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

- Pushkaraj Shirke


  1. I DID NOT NAG YOU! x-( AND I'm NOT YOUR FUNNY COW-LIKE PAL WITH A RABBITY SMILE. *SLAP* But thanks for the wonderful pictures. My marriage process will now speed up. :D

  2. Isnt that lady @moodles or something on twitter? :P
    and why do u use a non-nikon/canon DSLR!

  3. @aditya: yes that's moodles - my roomie, pal and full time nagger (friendly version).
    and i use an OLYMPUS coz its the best in ENTRY LEVEL DSLRs.
    Olympus used to be my client at my ex agency - so i got a twin lens dslr kit for much much less than the market value :)
    advertising has its perks ;0 :D

  4. Yeh 'nagger, nagger' kya laga rakha hai? Aaj ghar ke baahar sona hai kya? :p

    @ Aditya,
    *waves* Yes. Me be @mooodles. :)

  5. Minnie the who? You look quite a bit different in these... OLIVER


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