Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tropic Thunder

monkeyrating: 8/10

Action | Adventure | Comedy

waddabout: a New comer film maker, millions of dollars wasted in budget and a mega trio of superstars plague a jungle action movie. The inept director carries out an plan to shoot the movie reality show style leading to deadly yet hilarious consequences!

i say: Seeing Robert Downey Jr playing a nigger is priceless, his accent and demeanor is laugh out loud funny! This parody of apocalypse now! And platoon type movies is an must see for comedy lovers.

pandarespect to: Tom cruise for playing the hot headed producer Les Grossman, he is gross, ugly and vulgar. Not to mention hilarious. The movie opening is sheer brilliance with fake ads revealing the characters to us without being totally obvious. Special mention for the dialogs such as “you never go full retard”. This movie is a must watch for spoof fans, as an action film it can stand on its own with some funny yet bombastic action sequences.

trivia note: the movie is based on an idea ben stiller had when his fellow actors and friends were going off to fake boot camps to get the sense of being a soldier. Stiller found it to be ridiculous because a fake boot camp won’t even be close to a real war!

watch the trailer:
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