Saturday, March 19, 2011

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

monkeyrating: 8/10

Action | Adventure | Comedy

waddabout: The groovy 60’s spy Austin Powers, whose enemies fear him, women love him and rivals want to be him, is frozen cryogenically and woken up in the 1990’s. He is on the trail of the evil Dr….umm Evil. (An obvious spoof of the 70’s James bond movies, Dr Evil is a caricature of the famous Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld.)

i say: You can't afford to miss this one!!!! definitely one of my fav anytime anywhere watch comedy movies ever! as austin would put it: this's movie's got the MOJO bababyy!!!

pandarespect to: Mike Myers for playing both the hero and the villain. His lines as Austin powers is audacious at best, things like “groovy baby... yeah” “Oh Behave!” etc are instantly quotable. His Dr Evil persona is different enough in look and personality to not instantly alert that it’s the same actor playing both parts. Mike's mojolicious charm shines through even with his bad teeth, googfy goggles and his weird hairstyle, this is how it was meant to be and the real brilliance of the movie is apparent. Austin Powers fully functions as a spy flick in its own right plus it spoofs all kinds of movies in a subtle way, its funnier portions are when characters refer to the obvious stupidity of a villain feeding his nemesis and then trying to off him with a silly plan.

Mike Myers can't be thanked enough for popularising awesome words like shagedelic, grrovy, mojo, shagalicious and other swinger slang! you gotta enjoy it everytime you see him yap those words!

trivia note: Vanessa (Liz Hurley) had red tape over her breasts in the famous nude yet hidden by movie props sequence. This was done so that photographers on set couldn’t sell nude pictures of her.
In 2006 this movie was voted one among the 50 top comedies of all time, by Premiere.

watch the trailer: it's GROOOVY babayyy!

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