Monday, March 14, 2011

Blade Runner

monkeyrating: 8/10

genre: Sci-Fi / Drama

waddabout: a man whose job is to retire (kill) replicants/artificially created humans that have gone truant is on a task to kill a team that has returned to earth to meet their maker. The journey leaves him thinking.

i say: this my darlings, is ART and COSTUME heaven!!! made in 1982, this futuristic movie is way ahead of its time - literally! Watch it for that. and not just that, also for the thought that it's end leaves lingering within you. an action-packed film that's profund in thought - just the way i like it!

monkeyrespect to: Rutger Hauer as the Truant Replicant clearly outperforms Harrisson Ford in this movie - yet he didnt get the fame he deserved for this movie.
The art, set design, sfx and costume teams on this movie - LEGENDARY SALUTE to you guys! I dont think any student in film can truly learn film without having noticed and appreciated your awesomeness in this one.

And of course - respect to the one and only RIDLEY SCOTT. for his awesome direction and vision - and for successfully just taking the 'essence' of Philip Dick's book 'DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRICAL SHEEP' and making a great movie out of it!

trivia note: in this movie, a number of the companies had their logos appear in the film. all of those companies had financial difficulties after the film was released, despite being market leaders in 1981/1982. this phenomenon was called THE BLADERUNNER CURSE!

watch the trailer:

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